is montessori oaks a ccs provider?

Yes, Montessori Oaks is now an official CCS provider.

What is the student/teacher ratio in Montessori Oaks classrooms?

At Montessori Oaks, we take pride in saying that you truly get what you pay for. We offer 10:1 ratios or lower in our Primary classes, and 5:1 or lower in our Pre-Primary classes.

How large is Montessori Oaks?

Montessori Oaks is a single-story commercial home that has been renovated into a Montessori School. The commercial house has  an office/storage, full kitchen, parent sitting room, and two classrooms, one for our Primary classroom and the other for our Pre-Primary classroom with the option to add portables if needed on the property. 

do tuition rates change?

During the enrollment process, our parents sign a contract which locks in their tuition rate for the entire school year (August to the end of May), the monthly tuition rate remains unchanged. In the Summer months (June-July) tuition is paid weekly no contract, as we know families may want to travel for the Summer. If their child stays with us for the following school year, they will sign an updated contract, which may have a slight tuition increases for the new year.

montessori oaks staff retention

Montessori Oaks is a newly opened preschool that is family owned and operated. The owners are in the classrooms as Guides and don't plan on leaving any time soon. Therefore, our staff retention is non existent, but we hope to keep it this way as our staff and school grow!

what materials are available for outdoor play? How often do the children get to play outdoors?

We are proud to offer a large, shaded outdoor play area for our students. In our outdoor play area, we have two playhouses, a stump pit for climbing, a music stump made with metal pans/bells/etc., two picnic tables, a tee-pee constructed by live Willow Rods, and an assortment of dump trucks, balls, and digging toys. Children play outdoors with their class at their scheduled times two to three times each day (weather permitting). 

how does montessori oaks environment stay so clean?

At Montessori Oaks, we sanitize our shelves, and all materials on them twice daily. Our sanitation methods include bleach water and Lysol to kill bacteria and viruses. We sanitize our shelves and materials (at the minimum), after lunch and at the end of the day. The classroom table tops are cleaned after every use with Clorox wipes, the chairs, bathroom counters/toilets/flusher/faucets, door knobs, and much more are sanitized and wiped down during nap and at the end of every class day. 

When does Montessori oaks typically have classroom openings?

Montessori Oaks is currently enrolling students to fill our openings within our two classrooms, please call or email us to schedule a tour. Once we are at full enrollment and with the owners history in this particular field, you can expect to see classroom openings when children move on to public or private school, or when families move away and are not able to attend Montessori Oaks any longer. During the Summer months you can expect to see openings as well due to families that travel or families that would prefer to give their children the Summer off to spend at home with their parents.

do Primary(3 - 5 yrs) students have to be toilet trained?

Montessori Oaks' Pre-Primary program (18 Mos - 3 Yrs) is designed for children who are not yet toilet trained, and the guide is dedicated to helping lead your child/ren to get a handle on listening to their body and learning how to use the toilet, therefore, our Primary classroom is solely for toilet-trained students. We consider a toilet-trained child as one who no longer wears pull-ups/diapers, and only wears underwear. Diapers and pull-ups are prohibited in our Primary classroom, no exceptions. A toilet-trained child must be able to pee and poo in the toilet, and are able to pull their underwear/clothes up and down independently. We understand that an occasional accident may occur, and are completely normal, but should not happen daily.

Does Montessori oaks provide meals for my child?

Montessori Oaks provides an AM snack which consists of fresh fruit, yogurt, etc. and a PM snack which consists of whole-grain crackers, pretzels, etc. Montessori Oaks does not provide a lunch and asks that each child brings their own lunch to school in a lunch bag/box. 

is there an advantage to having a multi-age class?

At Montessori Oaks, both our Pre-Primary (18 Mos - 3 Yrs) and Primary (3 Yrs - 5 Yrs) classes are multi-age classrooms. The children in these multi-age classrooms are able to work with older children, younger children, and children their same age which fosters maturity, emotional growth, patience, and the ability to master each concept to further their academic growth. The younger children are able to learn from the older children, which is a great way for the children to see how they have learned new things and mastered several different tasks allowing them to want to help others learn and grow too! 

Does montessori oaks offer after school enrichment programs?

Yes, Montessori Oaks offers several different enrichment programs for both our Pre-Primary and Primary students! Our enrichment programs begin at 3:30 PM and end at 4:30. We offer art, music, small sculpting, weaving, and a small runners program which comes with a free school water bottle! 

what immunizations does my child need?

Montessori Oaks is happy to share a link with you, which enables you to view the Texas State requirements for immunizations: http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/immunize/school/